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Where are my Amazon numbers coming from?
Where are my Amazon numbers coming from?
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Your data is pulled through secure integrations we have with Amazon. These numbers are updated automatically in real-time and validated through a series of data accuracy tests.

The Amazon data is mapped to the right accounts in your financial reports by our accounting and tax experts to give you the most accurate breakdown of your performance.

The breakdown of the numbers you see in your books may be a bit different than what you see in Amazon. Here are the reasons for those differences:

  1. We record your transactions and present your reports in UTC time, while Amazon presents reports on PST time.

  2. We present your accounts in USD. We translate every non-USD transaction to its USD value based on the spot rate at the time of the transaction.

  3. We present your different Amazon income and expense items according to our chart of accounts which is based on best practices for ecommerce businesses. Therefore, all numbers in your P&L are matched to your Amazon data but our categories are broken down a bit differently.

Below are the key Finaloop “translations” between your Amazon summary report categories and the Finaloop accounts they map to. Since Amazon has so many different transaction types, this isn’t an all-inclusive list.

Finaloop account name*

Amazon summary report (main items)*

“Sales - Amazon”

Product sales, FBA product sales, gift wrap credits, FBA liquidation proceeds

“Shipping Income - Amazon”

Shipping credits

“Discounts & promotions - Amazon”

Promotional rebates

“Refunds & returns - Amazon”

Product sale refunds, FBA product sale refunds, FBA Liquidations proceeds adjustments, A-to-z Guarantee claims, Shipping credits refunds, Gift wrap credits refund, promotional rebates refund, SAFE-T reimbursement

“Disputes - Amazon”


“Fulfillment services reimbursement - Amazon”

FBA inventory credit, Amazon Shipping Reimbursement

“Selling fees - Amazon”

Seller fulfilled selling fees, Selling fee refunds, Shipping label purchases, shipping label refunds, carrier shipping label adjustments, other transactions fees, other transactions fees refunds, some adjustments

“Fulfillment services fees - Amazon"

FBA selling fees, FBA transactions fees, FBA transactions fee refunds, FBA inventory and inbound services fees, some adjustments

“External stores fulfillment fees - Amazon”

FBA fees for non-Amazon sales

“Service fees - Amazon”

Service fees, refund administration fees, liquidations fees, some adjustments

“Advertising - Amazon”

Cost of Advertising, Refund to Advertiser

* Please note that there may be some small differences between amounts presented under each category in the Amazon summary report to the respective Finaloop account. Such differences resulted from certain fees and adjustments. However, the net P&L impact of your Amazon summary report and your Finaloop P&L are all reconciled.

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