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Where are my Etsy numbers coming from?
Where are my Etsy numbers coming from?
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Your data is pulled through secure integrations we have with Etsy. These numbers are updated automatically in real-time and validated through a series of data accuracy tests.

The Etsy data is mapped to the right accounts in your financial reports by our accounting and tax experts to give you the most accurate breakdown of your performance.

The breakdown of the numbers you see in your books may be a bit different than what you see in Etsy's platform. All numbers in your P&L are reconciled to your Etsy data but our categories are broken down a bit differently:

Finaloop account name

Etsy summary data

Sales - Etsy + Shipping income - Etsy

Total sales - Sales tax

Refunds & returns - Etsy

Refunds - Credit for sales tax

Selling fees - Etsy

Total shipping + Transaction fees (incl. credits)

Fees - Etsy

Processing fees (incl. credits)

Service fees - Etsy

Listing fees (incl. credits)

Advertising - Etsy


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